1. Do you have standard house designs?
We believe that every block of land is unique and requires a structure to suit. We have concepts and ideas with nothing “locked in”.

2. Are your homes energy efficient?
Yes, all our homes are built to a minimum of “ 6 star energy rating” and always designed with maximum efficiency in mind.

3. Can I speak and deal directly with the builder?
Yes, your main contact is always “Phil” and he is always available to meet onsite or to answer any questions or to discuss any needs you may have.

4. Can you build off my house plans?
Yes, we are more than happy if you come to us with a full set of working drawings ready to quote for you, or even a hand drawn sketch with your ideas for us to work with.

5. I know where I want to build how do I know what block of land I should buy? 
If you have the location you love but are not sure which block is the best. We are more than happy to meet up with you (obligation free) to discuss your needs and help in the selection process taking in to account the direction, soil profile, angles, covenants, easements everything to ensure you are making an informed non biased decision on possibly one of the biggest purchases of your life.

6. Do all you projects come with warranties? 
All our projects come with an up to 7 year warranty and are fully insured during the building process.

7. I want to build an investment property on a budget can you compete with a volume builder? 
Yes, because of our low overheads and affiliation with a  large “builders buying group” we are able to be competitive and often beat the price of a “volume builder”

8. Once the building process starts if we want to make changes can we? 
Yes, this is a strong point of ours as we do not have a long process from person to person to have changes costed, signed, approved etc. We have the flexibility to be able to make any changes at minimal cost or if possible free.